Dr. Zhengguo Xiao is an assistant professor on immunology in the University of Maryland. He obtained a Master in Veterinary Immunology and Microbiology (1991) and PhD in Molecular Vet Bioscience (2004). Dr. Xiao was a post-doctoral fellow on Immunology (University of Minnesota; 2004–2008), and moved to University of Maryland in 2008. Dr. Xiao is interested in the role of inflammatory cytokines in cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) activation. They have found that signals from inflammatory cytokines are required for the generation of functional memory CTLs, and that IL-12 can program memory CTLs during early activation. Their current research has been focused on the interaction of inflammatory cytokines with important pathways during memory CTL development, especially those related to cell growth and development, such as mTOR and wnt signals. His lab has adopted a wide variety of approaches ranging from gene knockout to basic molecular and cell biology methods to understand how CTL functions are influenced by the interaction of inflammatory cytokines with important pathways.

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