Dr. Hao-Teng Chang received his Ph.D. degree in Taiwan National Tsing Hua University in 2006. He is now a full time faculty in Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Science in China Medical university in Taiwan. Dr. Chang has wide range interests. He and collaborators designed B-cell epitope prediction systems. He is also interested in the peptide function including antimicrobial peptides and signal peptides. He discovered the alternative function of signal peptide of eosinophil cationic protein which is a novel regulator for transducing the proinflammatory gene expression. Recently, Dr. Chang studies the neurodegenerative diseases focusing on the modulation of NMDA receptor. In addition, Dr. Chang also active in the international conference service. He serves as organizing co-chair, PC members and technical committee in many international conferences including IIBM, BIBM, ISB, IcoVAX and IEEE SMC Society. He is also a guest editor in J Biotech Biomed.

Selected Publications (Provided by Scopus)