Dr. Dinesh Mohan is working as Associate Professor in the School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi . Dr. Mohan contributed significantly in the areas of water quality assessment, source identifications and remediation/encapsulation of priority pollutants from water by tailoring of environmentally benign sorbents; biomass pyrolysis for bio-oil and development of green wood preservatives. He significantly contributed in remediating water especially arsenic, fluoride, chromium, TCE, by developing engineered low cost novel materials/technologies (magnetic carbons, activated cabons, biochars1,, nanocomposites, lignin and other engineered materials). He developed carbon bag technology (patent filed) for As remediation which can be increasingly helpful in arsenic affected areas. A huge amount of crops residues are burnt and decomposed releasing huge amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the primary cause of global warming, and reducing soil organic matter, the key to the maintenance of health agricultural soils and sustainability of livelihood of farmers. Agricultural residues were converted into bio-oil fuels together with bio-char byproduct. Biofuels decrease net CO2 release to the atmosphere since new biomass growth for fuel production removes CO2 from air. Biomass conversion into biochar followed by its application to the soil increases the residence time of carbon (C) in the soil relative to the application of the same biomass directly to the soil, and therefore can be considered over particular timescales to result in a net withdrawal of atmospheric CO2.

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