Table 1: The numerical scoring system of the morphological appearance of the muscle 6 days after injury.

Score Feature 1: Macroscopic appearance at time of biopsy
0 No evidence of injury
1 Mild reddening of muscle tissue - mild haematoma
2 Macerated soft tissue with haematoma
Feature 2: Epimysium
0 Normal - thin with occasional fibroblasts
1 Many fibroblasts in thickened epimysium
2 Many fibroblasts in very thickened epimysium with mono-nuclear cells invading muscle body
Feature 3: Appearance of myofibres near epimysium
0 Normal myofibres in normal bundles
1 Some irregular myofibres in irregular bundles
2 Few if any myofibres-cellular region with? myoblasts, fibroblasts and myotubes
Feature 4: Appearance of myofibres distant from epimysium
0 Normal myofibres in normal bundles
1 Abnormal myofibres in muscle bundles