Figure 6: Effect of thapsigargin (Tps) on [Ca2+]c. (A) Time-course of changes in [Ca2+]c in freshly prepared pancreatic acinar cells after stimulation with 1 μM Tps. (B) Ca2+ response observed following addition of Tps to pancreatic acinar cells cultured for 72 hours. (C) Effect of Tps on [Ca2+]c in pancreatic acinar cells grown for 96 hours. The experiments were performed in the presence of Ca2+ in the extracellular medium. Viability of cells was not decreased under culture conditions and in the absence of stimulus. Stimuli were added to the cells on the day in which the tests for Ca2+ mobilization were performed. The horizontal bar indicates the time during which Tps was applied to the cells. Traces are representative of 30–128 cells analyzed in 4–6 independent experiments for each treatment.