Dr. Farid Menaa is an inter- and multi-disciplinary professional. Professor, Director and Consultant, he was awarded with a Master in Genetics (1999) and PhD in Medicine (Gerontology, Biochemistry and Biophysics) with high distinction from prestigious French universities (Paris, 2003). Dr. Menaa was a post-doctoral fellow in Oncology (San Diego, California, USA; 2004–2009), in Dermatology and Stem Cells (Wuerzburg, Germany; 2007–2009), in Hematology and Genomics (São Paulo, Brazil; 2010–2012). Dr. Menaa followed various formations (Medecine, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Bioinformatics, MBA...). Dr. Menaa was promoted as Chief Scientific Officer and Vice-President R&D at Fluorotronics, Inc. (CA, USA) for the period of 2009–1010. Dr. Menaa has a strong experience with teaching, consulting, research, collaborations in several countries. Dr. Menaa is a member of several prestigious organizations (medical and scientific societies), editor and reviewer of a number of esteemed journals worldwide. Dr. Menaa authored and co-authored more than 100 publications (including research and review articles, books and book chapters, proceedings, patents). Dr. Menaa is often invited as a speaker and chairman to reputed world congresses and offered speeches in various areas of medicine, sciences and technology. During his spare time, Dr. Menaa enjoys arts, sports and travelling.

Selected Publications (Provided by Scopus)