Xinhua Yin received his Ph.D. degree in Agronomy from Purdue University at West Lafayette, IN, USA. He has been working as an assistant professor/systems agronomist at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville since January, 2008. He worked as an assistant professor of Soil Science at Oregon State University from July, 2004 to December, 2007. He worked as an associate professor, assistant professor, and associate researcher in Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition at Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China for nine years. Dr. Yin's research work has focused on sustainable nutrient and water management, precision agriculture, soil carbon sequestration, and greenhouse gas emissions. He has published 45 refereed journal articles and delivered 64 academic presentations. He has secured over 1.6 million US dollars from USDA, etc. to support his research. He has served as a senior associate editor, associate editor, or screening editor for Agronomy Journal, Crop Management, and Agricultural Sciences and reviewed over 50 manuscripts for various scientific journals.

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