G.P. is affiliated to the University of Liège. He served as Chairman of the department of Dermatopathology, CHU Sart Tilman, Liège. He is currently honorary professor at both the Universities of Liège (Belgium) and Franche-Comté (France). He is Director of the LABIC (Laboratory of Skin Bioengineering and Imaging) research unit. He is president of the European group for Efficacy Measurement of Cosmetics and other Topical Products (EEMCO) and of the Mosan Study Group of pigmentary tumours. He is past president of the International Society of Dermatopathology (ISDP), the International Society of Bioengineering and the skin (ISBS), the International Society of Cosmetic Science, and the ISDP section “Dermatopathology of the Developing World”. He is associate editor of a dozen of scientific journals and a board member of dermatological societies. He is honorary member of Tunisian Society of Dermatology and the Polish Society of Dermatology and has won 13 national and international awards. He is a founding member of 6 scientific societies and 28 international societies. He has published more than 200 books, monographs and chapters of books. In addition, he wrote more than 1700 publications in scientific journals. His main fields of interest include Dermatopathology, Dermometrology, Dermocosmetology, Bioengineering and Cutaneous Cancers.

Selected Publications (Provided by Scopus)