After performing a PHD in the Dominique Stehelin's Oncology laboratory (Institut Pasteur, Lille, France), Stéphane Ansieau first performed his post-doctoral training in Achim Leutz's team chasing for novel partners of C/EBP transcription factors (Max-Delbrück Center, Berlin, Germany). He came back to Oncology by first examining the properties of a novel protein, termed BS69, that he identified as a cellular target of several oncoviral proteins. He more recently focused his interest on embryonic programs aberrantly reactivated in human cancers. The team, he is currently co-animating with Alain Puisieux (Cancer Research Center of Lyon, Lyon, France) aims at understanding how these programs provide cell with plasticity, facilitate escape of failsafe programs and promote tumor initiation.

Selected Publications (Provided by Scopus)