I was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1946. I graduated from Kiev State University in 1970, majoring in theoretical physics. In 1978, I received my Ph.D from the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences in Kiev, Ukraine, my thesis dealing with the modeling of radiation effects in solid state physics. Since 1983 I have been a Senior Research Scientist with the Department of Theoretical Physics of the Institute of Physics. In 1983-1986, I was also a Senior Research Scientist with the Laboratory of Biophysics of the Kiev Institute of Otolaryngology. In 1996-1998, I worked for NASA at the Ames Research Center as a Senior Research Associate. My research focuses on mathematical modeling in the various areas of physics (modeling of the stochastic structures of porous systems; evolution of "diffusion +reaction" systems, modeling of water ozonation, modeling of solid state (Ge-Si) low temperature thermometers) and gravitational biophysics (mathematical modeling of the biomechanics of a vestibular system, modeling of the processes in animal and plant gravisensing systems, influence of magnetic fields on the gravitropic reaction of plants). I have concentrated on these biophysical problems in the recent years.

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