My research started study of extremophiles, which can survive in the presence of toxic organic solvent. I have analyzed physical and biochemical properties of cell membrane. As the results, the hydrophobic property of cell surface concerned with organic solvent tolerance of bacteria. Then, I studied the deep-sea organisms, one of extreme environment in Earth. I have purified novel amylase, cellulase and a pigment molecule from the deep-sea microorganisms as well as animals. I am now trying the integration of gene networks of various organisms through synthetic biology. I am interested in enzymes and organic molecules of marine organisms. The organisms produce various enzymes and small organic molecules in order to adapt to their habitat. So, topics of enzyme properties, networks in the cell, and relations between enzymes and bio-molecules, interest me. Besides for enzymes, small organic molecules, also play an important part in adaptation, and are attractive to me.

Selected Publications (Provided by Scopus)