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A Preliminary Study to Investigate Relaxation and Sleep-Inducing Effects of Cedrol

Author(s): Teruhisa Komori, Yuko Tamura, Masayuki Mitsui, Jun Matsui, Daisuke Uei,and Shinji Aoki

Background: Cedrol exhibits relaxation effects, and its scent may reduce stress, thereby contributing to various stressful life situation. However, cedrol has also been reported to induce sleep, which is dangerous by case. Therefore, studies are needed in order to determine whether the relaxation or sleep-inducing effects of cedrol are induced under stressful situation and also how to only attain the former. Method: A cross-over open study was conducted. Subjects were randomly divided into two groups (𝑛 = 3 per group). After one course of the Kraepelin test and additional dumbbell lifting before and after the test was performed, subjects entered the placebo or cedrol exposure room, and rested in a sitting position for 20 minutes. Electrocardiographic, electroencephalographic, and blood pressure measurements as well as VAS assessments were conducted. Result: In the present study, no stress response was clearly detected. However, the results of analyses with respect to individuals suggested that cedrol exhibited relaxation effects, and that it did not induce sleep under the conditions adopted in this study.

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