Artificial Intelligence in the Oil and Gas Industry | Abstract

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Artificial Intelligence in the Oil & Gas Industry

Author(s): Morayedo

Over the years, the search of discovering new ways to ways to improve the production performance and also maximize profit on investments led the Oil and gas industry to intensively embark on continuous science and technologies search. Managing these assets comes with challenges such as the company’s development goals (economic) as well as the technical goals (maximizing production), hence, why asset management is crucial in oil and gas industry. A good risk management tool should also be put in place to decide the best technologies that won’t impede the health and safety of the workers. There are intelligent operations technologies across a range of technology driven industries such as aviation, nuclear energy, agriculture, etc. which can be integrated into the oil and gas industry which can help with capable of real time data acquisition, communication. Some of these intelligent operations technologies incudes: - 4D seismic imaging, Big data and Analytics, mobile technology, Autonomous operations and robotics, digital marketing and distribution, and block chain. Autonomous and robotics helps with data surveillance, the data collected are sent to the control room, where they are analyses using big analytics. Mobile technologies can also be used to gather surface data from production infrastructures such as wells, reservoirs, pipelines. Integrating these technologies will not only help to generate data in real but also help to make fast decisions which will help generate an asset management tool solve the challenges to increase production, reduce production costs and maximize profit.

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