Big Data | Abstract

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Big Data

Author(s): Paul Taylor

Big Data now appears to be everywhere.  It uses are vast and it has provided some real benefits to society.  For example modelling the spread of diseases, helping to predict crime, playing the financial markets and so on. However Big Data is not the silver bullet to all the world’s problems.  Firstly the phrase is often misused and even the simplest data analysis is often branded incorrectly as Big Data.  Secondly, managing Big Data projects is a challenging process and prone to all sorts of problems.  If implemented poorly hen it will often cause more problems than it solves. Therefore, during this presentation, Paul will dig deeper into Big Data and explore the following themes:


  • What exactly is Big Data?


  • What are the benefits and uses of Big Data?


  • What are the problems with Big Data and how these issues can be managed?


  • What is the ‘dark side’ of Big Data?

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