Biological and Histological Studies of Purified Product from Streptomyces janthinus M7 Metabolites | Abstract

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Biological and Histological Studies of Purified Product from Streptomyces janthinus M7 Metabolites

Author(s): Tawfik Zahira S, ElShikh Hussein H,Haroun Bakry M, Yassin Mohamed M, El Sonbty Sawsan M, Aman Gaber Zaki ,and Mahmoud Abd Alwahab M

Fifteen clinical samples were taken out from patients suffering cancer, these patients being under the treatment with radio- and/or chemotherapy. The samples were used for the isolation of bacterial cells surrounding tumor; the samples were collected from Center of Cancer Therapy, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. The clinical bacterial isolates were purified and identifiedaccordingtoBergey’smanualofdeterminativebacteriologyninthedition(1994).Thebacterialisolateswerefoundtobe Klebsiella oxytoca m1; Enterobacter cancerogenus m2; P. aeruginosa m3; Citrobacter diversus m4; Enterobacter agglomerans m5; Klebsiella oxytoca m6; Enterobacter dissolvens m7; Serratia fonticola m8; Escherichia coli m9; Citrobacter freundii m10; Staphylococcusaureusm11;Escherichiacolim12;P.aeruginosam13;Staphylococcusaureusm14;andBacilluscereusm15.In thepresentstudybothprimaryandsecondaryscreeningmethodswereusedtoscreentheantibacterialactivityofSt.janthinusM7 against fifteen clinical bacterial isolates. The St. janthinus M7 showed an increase in antibacterial activity against all the tested human bacterial pathogens. In this study Gamma irradiation at dose levels (0.5 and 1.5 kGy) was used for the enhancement of the antibacterial activity of Streptomyces strain against the clinical isolates. Several commercial antibiotic discs (Doxorubicin, Augmentin,Norfloxacin,Ofloxacin,Oxacillin,andCefazolin)wereusedforcomparingtheirantimicrobialactivitywithpurified product. The results declared a significant increase in the antibacterial activity in most cases. The physiochemical properties of thepurifiedproductwerecarriedoutfordeterminationofR𝑓,empiricalformula,M.W,andchemicalstructureofproductandthen analyzedbythinlayerchromatography,elementalanalysis,UV,Mass,andNMR.Theresultexhibitedbrowncolor,onespot,R𝑓 (0.76),M.W(473),whileitrecorded270nminUVregionandthecalculatedempiricalformulawas(C22H19NS2O7).Inin vitro antitumoractivityofthepurifiedproductagainsthumantumorcelllines(Hepg2)theIC50wasmeasuredtobe3.0𝜇g/mlandin in vitro antitumor activity of purified product measured against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC) the IC50 was measured to be 33.0𝜇g/ml. In in vivo study of the cytotoxic effect of St. janthinus M7 purified product MYN7 was investigated. The result of histopathologicalalterationinfemalemiceinfectedwithEhrlichtumorshowedasignificanteffectonabnormalcells.


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