Mind the Gap: Bringing RPA to the next level using AI Powered Process Discovery | Abstract

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Mind the Gap: Bringing RPA to the next level using AI Powered Process Discovery


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables organizations to create virtual workforces that increase process efficiency, reduce errors, and cut operational costs. However, even when enterprises implement RPA, many are challenged with scaling it across the organization and identifying all the potential business processes that can and should be automated for maximum ROI. This presentation will discuss how companies overcome these challenges using AI powered process discovery. Automation has been changing the nature of work for over a decade. It has replaced labour intensive tasks, undertaken repetitive ones, escalated the speed of production and generated new streams of work.
Most organizations are already on RPA journey, which has resulted in productivity improvement, cost savings, process time improvement with repetitive and rule-based processes. The start of the journey involves POCs, pilots, and initial automations. The next frontier is about scaling the deployment and adoption of cognitive technologies such as AI, analytics, machine learning that emulate human behaviour. The transition involves transformation from running RPA on a few processes to scaling up RPA across the enterprise. This session would deal with strategies & challenges in enterprise wide adoption of Automation - crossing over from RPA to RPA+Cognitive , identifying the right operating model & establishing governance, Leadership & talent development , orchestrating stakeholders and board level endorsement.

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