MYC and Chromatin | Abstract

The Open Access Journal of Science and Technology


MYC and Chromatin

Author(s): Lance R.Thomas and William P.Tansey

MYC proteins are a family of oncogene-encoded transcriptional regulators that feature prominently in cancer. They areaberrantlyexpressedinamajorityofhumanmalignancies,andderivetheirextraordinaryoncogenicpotentialfromtheability to control expression of genes linked to cell growth, proliferation, metabolism, and genomic instability. MYC proteins are also highly-validatedtargetsforanti-cancertherapies.Over30yearsofresearchintoMYChasrevealedtheimportanceofchromatin in regulating both the production of MYC proteins and their ability to recognize target genes and to function as modulators of transcription.Here,wereviewcontemporaryunderstandingoftheMYC–chromatinconnection,focusingonhowtheencasement of DNA into chromatin impacts expression of MYC genes, and how MYC responds to and modulates chromatin to exert its transcriptional effects. We also describe ways in which chromatin structure and function are being manipulated by drug-like moleculestoinhibitMYC-drivencancers.


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