On the Cause of Violence Expressed as Organized Hooliganism | Abstract

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On the Cause of Violence Expressed as Organized Hooliganism

Author(s): Emanuel Gluskin

The hypothesis is put forward that hooligan behavior is based on some unperceived protest of an individual, or a group, against intellectual overstress, or, equivalently, it is based on the individuals’ intuitive fear of such overstress that the society imposes (or ”threatens” to impose) on them. The violent actions of the hooligans combine the quick movements that develop (activate) the left hemisphere of the brain, and the cruelty that prevents development (activity) of the right hemisphere, which improves the balance in the development of the hemispheres. Hooliganism indicates an important alarm informing one about the increasing intellectual stress in the society, which indeed is unhealthy for many. The hooligans need help, which, as the recent ”days of violence” show, is rather urgent. However, the things to be changed are traditional, not well controlled, and thus hardly can be changed quickly. Some constructive suggestions are formulated re improvement of the informational (intellectual) ”feeding” of the population. Since committing suicide is a kind of violence that one applies to himself, such an improvement should reduce not only the ”external” hooliganism, but also the relative number of suicides.


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