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The Interval Between Pregnancies as A Risk Factor for Mild and Severe Forms of Preeclampsia

Author(s): Emilija I. Jasovic-Siveska and Vladimir I. Jasovic

We studied 300 normotensive and 100 PE pregnancies divided into two subgroups: mild (𝑛 = 67) and severe (𝑛 = 33) PE. This research has included only single pregnancies and the following parameters: maternal age, parity, previous pregnancy history and interval between pregnancies. The study is based on 400 pregnancies with a mean age of 27.65±5.04 years. The significant difference in the frequency of categories and age groups was tested with a method of multivariate analysis for proportion. The difference was not statistically significant 𝑃 > 0.05, which clearly shows that the groups are a priori similar and comparable. Our study shows that PE is most commonly developed in primiparas (𝑃 < 0.05). The difference was at the level 𝑃 < 0.001. Among women with no history of PE, the median interbirth interval was 4.24 years between the previous and actual pregnancy. Among women with mild PE the median interbirth interval was 5.96 and in group with severe PE was 8.08 years. Multiparous women who are pregnant 5, especially 10 years or more after their previous pregnancy are as likely to have preeclampsia as nulliparous women.

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