Analysis of the Progress of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reaction | Abstract

The Open Access Journal of Science and Technology


Analysis of the Progress of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reaction

Author(s): Alfonsas Juška

The aim of the research is to analyze and model the progress of product accumulation in relation with the kinetic properties of the enzyme and substrate concentration. Conventional methods of analysis are used. The results are as follows: ‘linear’ decline of high substrate concentration (or rise of the product) is determined by the kinetic properties of the enzyme taking into account initial substrate concentration (Model 1); the exponential decline corresponds to Model 2; the deviations from linearity occurring either because of product inhibition of the reaction, the backward reaction or substrate exhaustion are modelled by algebraic sum of linear and exponential functions. Modification of the conventional scheme of the enzyme-catalyzed reaction, therefore, facilitates deriving the equations highlighting the role of the reaction product and initial substrate concentration in the progress of the reaction. The equations enable estimation of the kinetic parameters of the enzyme from the data of conventional experiments and an additional experiment corresponding to the ‘end’ of the reaction.

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